Ravin R20 Predator Camo Crossbow Package


Say hello to your next rifle.

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When only the best will suffice, the Ravin R20 is the only crossbow for the job.  Ravin started a revolution with their original crossbow design and now they have taken that to the next level.  The rail-less design gives it unbelievable accuracy without the wear on strings.  It has a built in cocking mechanism and anti-dry fire with auto safety that makes this crossbow perfect for anyone.

* Speed 430 fps
* Weight 7.1 lbs
* Draw Force 12 lbs
* 6″ Axel to axel width (cocked)
* Total Length 34.5″
* Kinetic Energy 164
* 13″ Power-Stroke

Package Includes:
* Ravin R20 crossbow
* 100 Yard illuminated scope
* 6 Ravin branded bolts
* Detachable quiver
* Removable cocking handle


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