I Am A Wilderness Warrior

29 November

I am a wilderness warrior and I know this because my nephew says so!
If you haven’t taken a kid hunting I highly recommend it and here is why.
First and foremost, consider it our responsibility to pass along this great tradition just as it was passed to us. If we want to see hunting grow, then we need to get those involved that will soon be making the decisions regarding the future of hunting.
Furthermore, with modern technology and all the advances in hunting you really have no reason not to. Blinds ,both portable and permanent, give the cover for kids to move, fidget, be a little above silent, and of course lay down. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t taken advantage of all these pro’s myself. Plus with smartphones, tablets, headphones, and games, they can be completely occupied on even the slowest days. Guilty again! It has come light years from when I was young a learned the phrases “stop moving”, “quit talking”, “you’re making too much noise”, “you have to sit still”, and many others all too well. Plus much of this can be done in some of the worst conditions. If you want to take it a step further, you can add a Mr. Heater heater/cooker to your blind and now you can warm them up or cook such things as soup, oatmeal, tea, hot cocoa, bag meals, and the list goes on. What I have gained from this is the enjoyment from watching kids and all their excitement of experiencing the great outdoors. Their random comments and thoughts often cause me to laugh out loud and be even more harmful to the hunt then them. This well out weighs any cons that could exist. Furthermore, hunting is an amazing way of life that has existed since the beginning of mankind. The numbers are becoming fewer and it is our job as outdoorsmen to get the youth involved in order to keep this tradition going strong.
I became a wilderness warrior when I was applying face paint on my nephew and myself before his youth turkey hunt and he informed me that it was not face paint, but “warrior paint”. If that doesn’t make you smile, then you really need to take a hard look at your perspective. Become a Wilderness Warrior, take a kid hunting.